Puppies are a lot of work!

But they're Oh So Cute!
We offer New puppy Consults, Socialization classes and Puppy Proofing!

We can help with all aspects of your new dog or puppy's training and behavior.

From Housebreaking to manners, from obedience to protection! 

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If your Considering a new dog or puppy PLEASE read and consider these statements fully.

A puppy is an adorable and sweet addition to your family, however you should be aware that a new puppy is just like a new baby. 

At 6 weeks of age a new puppy has limited if any control of its bowel and bladder, prepare to do a lot of cleaning and running outside every 30 minutes to an hour. 
At 6 weeks a puppy will sleep most of the time, then will awake and most certainly relieve itself within minutes.
A new puppy will cry and whine at least the first 2-3 nights when it is left to sleep alone. This can last from just minutes to entire nights of losing sleep. Adding a ticking clock, soft toy and warm water bottle can help alleviate some of the stress.

It is generally considered that a puppy should be able to hold its bladder for 1 hour for each 4 weeks of age, also consider some puppies do not gain full control of themselves until after 12 weeks of age; they simply haven't developed the muscle control.

If you don't have a schedule for feeding and outings, you will have more accidents. Scheduling helps you and your puppy to achieve understanding of housebreaking much faster. At 6 weeks take the puppy out within 5 minutes of feeding, at 8-10 weeks within 10-15minutes, by 12 weeks you should be good for 30-45minutes, after a meal.

Puppy proof your house. Like toddlers, puppies love to explore and they get into everything! Spend some time crawling around the floor to see what "treasures" your puppy might find. Cables, shoes, tablecloth edges, anything and everything will at some point end up in puppies mouth if it is reachable. Providing plenty of acceptable alternatives for puppy will help. We keep a toy box full of options and praise the pup for choosing them.

Puppies chew. Often due to teething and this can occur at several stages as they grow. They chew from boredom, anxiety and for fun. Puppies do not know that it's not OK to chew your slippers or the remote control! they just know it feels good on their teeth. keeping these things out of puppies reach is the best choice, but if they do manage to get ahold of something; offer a trade for an acceptable alternative and praise them for taking it.

Older dogs may also be a good option for you however, they can have their own issues as well. 
Consider adopting a new dog or puppy carefully, they require lots of patience as they learn what it means to live in YOUR world.

Be prepared to have things chewed, scratched and possibly destroyed. Understand that you may lose sleep.
If your prepared to go through these things, or take actions to help reduce or prevent them, then by all means get a dog! If not, perhaps this isn't the ideal time for you to adopt.