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If you would like more information on all of the programs we offer, please text or email us your mailing address and we will send you our training services brochure which has details on each program and more info on what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.
Training requires a commitment of both time and patience. The results of your hard work will reward you throughout the life of your pet. There is no age limit on training, dogs as early as 6 weeks are capable of learning and continue to learn throughout their lifetime. For our In Kennel Programs, dogs must be a minimum of 12 weeks old. The upper limit is not age related but rather health related, we do not put geriatric or senior dogs through the stress of training in such an accelerated program.

For our group or private lessons any age dog may attend, we cater our lessons to the level of your dogs capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I noticed you call yourself Professional Dog Trainer/Obedience Instructor, What is the difference?

A. A Dog Trainer is defined as someone who is capable of training dogs, where-as an Obedience Instructor is someone who trains people as well as their dogs.


Q. If I choose one of your programs and my dog is trained by you, how will my dog know to listen to me?

A. Every in Kennel Training Program Includes both group and private sessions with you to teach you how to work with your dog and ensure that he/she sees you as the leader.


Q. What method of training do you use?

A. I have been trained in many different methods including purely positive methods, clicker training, negative reinforcement, shaping and many others. The methods used will depend on the dog and handler being trained.


Q. What type of training collar do you use?

A. I find a variety of collars to be useful depending on the dog and the lessons being taught. I have used all types of collars from flat collars to electric collars successfully. If you have preferences feel free to discuss it with me.


Q. What type of payment do you accept?

A. We accept most forms of payment. Cash, Money Order, Check, PayPal. Visa, MasterCard and Discover!

Q. How do I sign up for a program?

A. Give us a call or shoot us an Email or text , we will send you a registration form to get you started!. If you need to change dates please let us know ASAP!

Q. What type of Guarantee do you offer?

A. All of our in kennel training programs include our re-training guarantee, if your dog comes home and seems to have forgotten - just contact us! There are no fees if your dog requires a return visit or if we need to make a house call.


Q. What do you require from us?

A. We ask you to provide a copy of current vaccination records for your pet, the food they are used to eating and your commitment to continue working with your pet when they return home.


Q. What vaccinations are required?

A. Your veterinarian should provide a statement that shows your pet has had age appropriate vaccines. this would include Rabies and Dhlpp vaccines. We do not require the bordetella[Kennel Cough] vaccine it is up to you if you would like to get it as a preventative. We also highly recommend your dog is on a current treatment program for parasites including flea and tick treatment. 



If you have other questions feel free to ask.

6 month old Diesel demonstrates loose leash walking


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