Our Kennels:

Our kennels are 10x10 or  5x10 combination of chain link and heavy welded wire. Every kennel has a dog house and solid roof over the kennel. 
The floors are a combination of sealed wood decking covered with rubber horse mats. Center area is filled with Cedar mulch allowing a nice potty area as well as helping to repel fleas and ticks.
Kennel entrance is kept locked and kennel gates are secured with a chain and clip.
Our kennels are located directly in front of our home, so we can keep a good eye on everyone!


Better than Boarding 

This is Not your Standard, old, Boring Dog Boarding!

Relax and enjoy your vacation, while knowing your dog is not feeling abandoned, lonesome or bored sitting in a cold, bleak kennel environment.

Choose one of our Adventure Camp packages for your pup and feel the freedom of knowing your dog is not only well cared for but is actually having as much, or more, fun as you are!

Lots of fresh air, plenty to see and do! Private, roomy kennels that are clean and comfortable. Personal items are not only allowed, they are encouraged; your dog is here to have fun, why not include their favorite toys, treats and bedding? Bring your dog’s personal food; No changing the diet and messing up the bellies!

Your dog will enjoy:

Play times




Social outings and gatherings

meeting other animals and people

Special treats and toys

You will receive regular updates, pictures and video sent directly to your cell phone or email!

Stays of 7 days or longer are discounted !

Take advantage of the extra time before you leave and after you return, give yourself a day or two to pack, clean and organize before you leave and a day or two to get unpacked and settled back in when you return!

Outdoor Adventurer Package

Hiking trips, river/swim day, hunt and seek adventure games – fetch or tug play, large bone, Kong or Rawhide treat

I’m Royalty Package

Daily brushing and Massage, private play sessions, frozen yogurt desserts, and scheduled belly rub/cuddle time

Social Butterfly Package

social outings to public areas-pet store, park, group play sessions, one on one training/play sessions with trainer. 

Free Style

Let us have fun with your pup in whatever comes up! Guaranteed your dog will be having a blast and perhaps trying something new!



All Barbara's Babies Dog Training School Graduates will receive free refresher training with their stay

All Boarding dogs must bring copy of shot record and food

Adventure Camp is $50 per day with discounts available for 7 days or longer