This is our Ultimate All-in-One Program

It is designed to cover all the expectations of dog ownership from being properly housetrained to being well mannered and under control at all times.



Ultimate All in One Program                                                                                                                            $3995.00

Everything you need is covered in one program from the ground up

Housebreaking and Crate training – your pup will learn not only that he shouldn’t potty indoors, but also how to enjoy spending time in a crate, and how to ring a bell or give you a clear indication of needing to go outside! No Worries about pup chewing up the furniture or stealing things off the counters. No worries about nipping or scratches from jumping. Dogs learn what is acceptable and what isn't, and we teach you how to continue encouraging your pup making good choices.

Basic Obedience and Manners covered will help you to keep your pet off furniture, from jumping on guests it will also prevent unwanted behaviors like counter surfing and digging in the trash. Your dog will learn to walk nicely on a leash, no longer pulling, dragging or lunging at others. they will learn where their accepted place is, and to go to their bed when told. For fun and entertainment, we spend time teaching your pup a variety of cool Tricks that will keep everyone enjoying your pup to the fullest.

Moving on to Off Leash and Distraction Training increases your pup’s reliability and your trust that no matter the situation or event you can count on Fido to follow through on what you’ve asked. Your pup will be worked through a variety of ever increasing levels of distractions including kids, traffic, other dogs, chickens, high levels of activity and noise, and will learn how to stay focused on you and your requests.

Your dog will be exposed to a variety of differing environments and public exposures that will build his confidence and build on his ever-growing skill set. Your dog will learn to properly load and unload out of a vehicle in a controlled and polite manner, how to wait patiently at doors, sit quietly by your side when needed and will become a joy to live with.

You will receive all training equipment and tools used for your dog including;

A properly sized and suitable crate for your dog

Premium Quality Pet Door Bell(s)

A premium soft cotton leash(es)

A high-quality Nylon, Herm Sprenger Training Collar or E-collar

Training Apron

A light weight and portable go to place blanket

A written list of all the commands and behaviors your dog is taught

A written behavioral assessment for your pet

A Framed Certificate of Graduation for your dog

Regular picture and video updates on your pet’s progress

Owners will receive one on one training during the process with their dog along with 1 yr. of unlimited follow up sessions and trainer support.