The commands covered include:
Come when called
Go to Place
Leave it
The Behaviors included are:
Walking on a loose leash
Not rushing out doors
Not Jumping on people
Leaving food, dogs and other distractions when told

Group Class

Our seasonal group class gives you the freedom to enjoy personally working with your dog and learning together, while maintaining a flexible and easy schedule.

Classes are held on Saturdays 

May to November

Each Level is held at a different hour, repeated every week, allowing you to progress through the course at a pace that is comfortable for both you and your dog.

Never worry about missing a class!

Enjoy the journey as you and your dog improve every week.


What is included:

Basic Obedience and Manners

(similar to our Bootcamp program!)

Enjoy seeing your dog transform from a pulling, dragging, barking mess into a well mannered, quiet and delightful walking companion. No longer out of control when guests arrive, your dog will surprise your guests with polite and acceptable behavior such as sitting politely, not jumping and not trying to rush out the door! Teach your dog how to be the companion you need with gentle guidance and a fun environment

Learn to work in a group and with distractions

you will learn how to react to your dog properly to control any situation, gain confidence in your dog and yourself, as we progress through a variety of challenging situations that will increase reliability and trust


Cost of the course is $475.00

You must pre-register for the class, registration fee is $25.00 remaining balance due at first class

Limited openings will be available

Course is designed so that you may start at anytime, space permitting 

Last date to register is September 7th